100 Percent Financing for Dental Practice Start-Ups

Are you a Dentist that is thinking about going out on your own?  Have you thought that it would be nice to have your own office?  Are you considering purchasing a existing practice?  Are you graduating from Dental School or Dental Residency and are looking out 2-3 years to your next move?

Doctor Practice Financing can work with you to find dental practice start-up financing.  Contact us today to receive information about the options for financing a practice, an acquisition, etc.


Bank of America Practice Solutions is one of our Featured Lenders: Offering very competitive rates with up to 100 percent financing for dental practice start-ups, unique products that are designed for today’s busy healthcare professional, and resources that can be used to help with running an efficient, profitable practice.


Bank of America Practice Solutions is a division of Bank of America Corporation.

Bank of America Practice Solutions offers Start-up financing with up to 15 year loans.  The start-up loans also can have a deferred graduated repayment schedule/plan.

  • 100 Percent financing for your new practice!  This can be funding for architectural and design fees, for renovations and construction, equipment, cabinetry and other project expenses—including tenant improvements.
  • You can even borrow additional working capital that can be used for marketing expenses, staffing, or whatever you need it for.  The goal is to get your dental practice doors open in the most effective and profitable way possible.
  • Up to 15 year repayment schedules for start-up loans—to keep payments low and affordable while you work to get the practice up to speed and beyond.
  • There is no down payment required when purchasing real estate for the practice in conjunction with other start-up activities.
  • As much as 3 years of graduated payments to keep expenses low while you build your dental practice.
  • As much as 1 year of interest rate lock on the loan through the project build out phase to protect against potential rate changes that can have a negative impact on your practice when the doors are open.
  • Very low administration fees starting at $100.  This can save you hundreds of dollars over more time-consuming loans through the Small Business Administration.  Members of various dental associations can also receive discounts on the administration fees.

For practices that are already established, Bank of America Practice Solutions offers loans of up to 20 years (up to 100 Percent Financing), also with a deferred payment option or even an interest only repayment for medical practice financing, dental practice financing, veterinary practice financing, or optometry practice financing.

Access specialty financing for real estate purchases with as long as a 25 year repayment schedule.

Are you in need of equipment (dermatology laser, dental equipment, surgical equipment, etc, etc.)? – Bank of America Practice Solutions offers specialty financing for equipment with a maximum of a 7 year loan for a maximum of $75,000.  If you need to borrow more than $75,000 for equipment, a 10 year repayment option is available.  Repayment can be done on a deferred graduated schedule or as interest only.

For the healthcare practice or professional that needs working capital for a start-up, access these funds through Bank of America Practice Solutions’ start-up loans.

The maximum amount of money that can be borrowed through Bank of America Practice Solutions is $5,000,000 (subject to change).

Bank of America Practice Solutions is endorsed by many dental associations:

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The following dental specialties can receive loans from Bank of America Practice Solutions:

General Dentist



Oral Surgeon


Pediatric Dentist

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dentofacial Orthopedists



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