Medical Practice Financing for Physicians

Medical Practice Financing for Physicians

Working as a healthcare professional has become more and more competitive and fast paced. With the consolidation that is being seen across all medical and dental specialties, we realize that it is important for physicians to be able to maintain critical business finances when the time comes for any of the following:

Medical Practice Financing for PhysiciansStarting a New Practice
Buying into an existing Practice
Purchasing Equipment
Business Debt Consolidation
Real Estate Acquisitions

You can focus on growing your practice and caring for patients and staff. Doctor Practice Financing can help you to take care of the financing.

Knowing what you need to get started or to grow is the easy part. It is actually getting the funding to make it happen that can make it difficult. In fact, in nearly all cases today, starting or expanding a medical practice can be costly – yet, without a facility or the right equipment, it would be impossible to start or remain in business. Therefore, the right type of financing is essential.
Doctor Practice Financing provides you with funding options in several different areas. These include:

Medical Practice Financing for Physicians

New Practices
If you’re just starting out, Doctor Practice Financing works with banks that can offer medical practice financing of up to 100%. In addition to just funding, Doctor Practice Financing also provides assistance with actually building a successful practice. In doing so, you can be more profitable within a shorter period of time – essentially resulting in a win-win situation for you and your patients.
To help you start and remain on track, Doctor Practice Financing also provides you with resources such as a dedicated project manager who can work with you in building your business. From analyzing the ideal site location to attracting the perfect patient base, this program helps you combine all of the necessary factors to make your new practice a success.

Buying Into an Existing Practice
Doctor Practice Financing also provides practice loans for doctors who are considering the purchase of an existing practice. While most financial institutions don’t understand how medical professionals work, the banks that we deal with provide resources that are specific to your planned purchase – including your anticipated patient base and facility location.
They will also work with you in determining the appropriate amount of funding to meet your specific needs – up to $5 million – which includes the purchase of real estate, so you can not only own your practice, but the building that it’s housed in as well.

Practice Expansion / Equipment Purchases
If you’re expanding your practice or purchasing new equipment, Doctor Practice Financing provides equipment purchase loans as well. With the vast changes that are taking place in medical technology today, equipment and supplies can quickly become obsolete and often need to be replaced. This can be made much easier with an equipment purchase loan.
In addition to providing the funds, Doctor Practice Financing will also assist you with obtaining the various tax benefits that you can obtain through depreciation. Likewise, if leasing or other alternatives to purchasing may suit your practice better, Doctor Practice Financing will help you work that out too.
Doctor Practice Financing understands the financing needs that medical professionals face. Whether you are just starting out, looking to refinance business debt, purchase equipment, or you are ready to expand, Doctor Practice Financing can get you the access you need to the funding you deserve for the patients you’re driven to serve.

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