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We work to find the most appropriate practice financing solution for many healthcare professionals.  Search for your specialty below to be directed to the specific page for your occupation.

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Medical Practice Financing
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Is your specialty not listed in the search bar or in the list at the bottom of this page?

We can make a connection for dental or medical practice financing to many medical and healthcare occupations.  If your occupation is not listed in the search bar above, please let us know what your occupation is.  It could either be listed under another category or it could be an occupation that we don’t have listed.  This does not mean that we cannot help.

Starting a medical or dental practice can be stressful.  Working in someone else’s practice means that you are working for someone and all likelihood, you cannot earn the income that you would be earning if you had your own practice.  If you have considered starting your own practice or expanding your existing medical practice, it is important to know that it could be possible to obtain up to 100% financing, with liberal repayment schedules.  This type of medical practice financing can make it financially possible for you to go out on your own.  These dental practice loans (and medical practice loans) could be available to you because of what you have done to get to where you are.  Certain banks see dentists, physicians, optometrists, and veterinarians as professionals that stand a good chance to be able to to payback a 100% financed loan (where the same might not be true for other occupations).

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Work with Doctor Practice Financing today to learn about what is available in your state, for your specialty.  There is no obligation to work with one of the banks that we refer to.  If you need a quote for a dental practice loan or medical practice loan, feel free to go through us for the loan details.  Learn about the potential interest rate, repayment schedule, as well as what is required of you to close on such a loan.